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Our Gutter Guards are made of a sturdy Colorbond® mesh design which we customise, colour-match and fit to each individual roof.

WA Gutterguard has a rating of 5 stars based on 10 reviews.

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Prevent water damage

Overflowing gutters are one of the four most common reasons for water entering homes during heavy rainfall.

Water can cause untold damage, including harming the structure of the roof and causing water damage to internal ceilings and walls. The risk is greatly reduced with our guards. By protecting against leaf and debris build-up, the guards increase the flow of water into the gutter, improving the drainage and maximising the collection of clean water for your rainwater tanks.

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Product quality

WA Gutter Guard is made from a sturdy Colorbond® mesh with our very own unique hinged patented design that has been tried, tested and proven. Our gutter guards are not made of plastic which does deteriorate and break down over time. All our customers have been 100% happy with our product.

New hinged design

WA Gutter Guard is the only company in Australia offering the new Patented (pending) hinged Gutter Guard design. This new design has been tried and proven to be the best product on the gutter guard market and you can only get it from WA Gutter Guard!


WA Gutter Guard is customised to fit each individual roof including patios, pergola, sheds, garages, corrugated Colorbond® roofs, Zincalume® roofs, factory roofs, commercial buildings, Trimdeck® roofs, Hi Dek, Klip-Lok, stables, all roof valleys and all box gutters.

Please note: We are no longer quoting for and supplying Gutter Guard for tile roofs.


Reaching the roof to clean gutters can be dangerous. Many injuries, even deaths are caused by falls from roofs or ladders. Protecting your gutters with gutter guards will prevent the need to climb on the roof and clear the gutters yourself.

Saving you time

Time is precious, so why spend all those endless hours cleaning your gutters every time it gets hot. We all know it’s not an easy job. Have WA Gutter Guard protect your gutters and you’ll never have to worry about them again.

Reducing bushfire risk

Every summer in Australia there are fires. WA Gutter Guard offers a way to drastically reduce the risk of your home catching fire by eliminating a way for the leaves, debris and embers getting into your gutters. Leaf litter can catch fire just from one spark and spread quickly.

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Choose the best

Beware of imitations and poor-quality Gutter Guards. Avoid products that contain plastic, sponge or double-sided tape. These products do not last and can even be worse for your gutters. Do your research to make sure you are getting a quality product to protect your home.

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